content management systems

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Not sure what content management means? Let us help! Basically, a content management system (CMS) gives you the ability to edit a site on your own…without having to know HTML, Javascript or other programming languages. Sure, you can still program the site if you like, but having a content management system allows you to bypass coding and directly change colors, insert paragraphs, check spelling, upload pdfs / images / videos / sound clips…quickly. The experience is very similar to editing a word document and you only need to open your browser to make changes.

On top of all that, you never have to worry about using FTP or go through a web provider to upload your changes!  Once you hit publish, the changes go live.  Take a look at some of the CMS sites we have done for our clients ( who are maintaining their sites as you read this 🙂 )

For your content management system  we provide:

  • multiple design templates to chose from…which we refine in the design process
  • hosting and hosting support
  • logo design (if needed)
  • graphic design
  • content updates…if you need them 🙂
  • eCommerce…shopping carts!
  • stock photos…although your own pictures are recommended!
  • Training….believe us, this comes in handy!

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